About Us

About us

I would like to greet every person, who has taken the  time to visit our online store. Let me tell you a little about myself – my name is Nikita Mukhanov ( you can address me as Nikki). I am a young entrepreneur & currently living in Montreal, Canada. You’re probably wondering who is that gourgeous lady beside me, her name is Jennifer Atoapoma & she is my girlfriend as well as my business partner.  Being the owner of Nikki’s luxurious hats, I am very excited to present my authentic product to North American society.

About our products

I am pleased to introduce you to the story of The Malahai hats…
Malahai – is originally a national Mongolian hat that natives used to wear during long & cold winters back in the days. The fur on our Malahai hat has four flaps that cover the ears, neck & forehead. Model of the hat was borrowed from the Kalmyks and Buryats in the middle of the XVIII century. Most of the time, these hats made out of sheepskin, fur of beaver, wolf, badger, calf, fox, raccoon & deer skins. In the old days Malahai hats had a square or pointed top. These hats were essential for Russian winters – they are not blown away by any frost & wind. For a long time it does not become wet due to the density of undercoat. Malahai was sure to be put on a long journey, it was a favorite headdress worn by Siberian coachmen. Malahai has become an established brand product in most parts of Russia & post soviet union countries.

Several years ago, the big fur hats, like Malahai has become popular among both sexes. Typically, the upper part of the hat is made of leather or suede, sometimes karakulcha. Ears in some models can be folded up & fastened the buttons. Luxurious detail – rich fur tail behind, may perform the function of the scarf. The tail is usually made detachable, if desired, it can detach. This chic headdress – a status thing. Malahai is often portrayed as a present to foreign partners, the heads of companies, politicians.

I’ve had my Malahai hat for over 7 years & from my own experience it’s not only very stylish & beautiful, but also a very warm, well made product & it will protect you from any intensity of cold during the winter time.